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Men's Light Heavyweight
Men's light heavyweight division at the the TTBBF National Senior Championships 2014. Fidel Sankar (winner), Andy Rodriguez (runner up) and Deon Aleong.
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Added: 3 days ago
from: TTBBF
Lightweight Bodybuilders
TTBBF National Senior Bodybuilding Champoinships 2014. Lightweight. Kelton Thomas, Wazim Mohammed and Sanjay Lutchman
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Added: 4 days ago
from: TTBBF
Men's Light Middleweight
Miguel Jagessar, Jamaul Sanderson, Bert Melville and Cletus Juilliard, Light middleweight competitors in the National Senior Bodybuilding Championships, Trinidad 2014.
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Added: 6 days ago
from: TTBBF
Hardcore Trinidad
Part of the Hardcore course, between obstacles
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Added: 32 days ago
from: shanee
Aerial Shots of Hardcore Caribbean 2014.
More aerial shots of Hardcore Trinidad 2014, up in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz
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Added: 33 days ago
from: RobKrogh
Proper Warm Up
Hardcore challenge in Santa Cruz.
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Added: 34 days ago
from: empress
Atlantis Aquatics at National Swim Meet
Joseph McLeod, President of Atlantis Aquatics at the National Short Course Age Group Championships talks about where the club is today and where he hopes it goes in the future. The event took place at St. Michael's Swimming Pool at Carib St San Fernando.
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Added: 63 days ago
from: Debbie
TTCF President & Njisane Phillip at Cycling Championships
Rowena Williams, president of TTCF, and Njisane Phillip at the National Cycling Championships. At the end see Joshua Alexander beating Sheldon Ramjit in the individual pursuit.
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Added: 129 days ago
from: TTCF
Car Crash at Shirvan Road
Two cars being towed off the road after a crash at the intersection of Shirvan Road and Mt Pleasant back road.
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Added: 155 days ago
from: seabreeze
Fish Kills at Coffe Beach La Brea
Fishermen are suffering because of what seems like toxic waters in La Brea following the recent bout of oil spills and clean up efforts. Fishermen say there have been thousands of dead fish washing up on the shores. they think it is a result of the chemicals used in the c...
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Added: 165 days ago
from: Phillip45
CORE Episode 4 - Arima & Sangre Grande
CORE: Communities Organized and Ready for Emergencies. Learn about the hazards that affect the regions of Arima and Sangre Grande in episode 4 of the ODPM's CORE- Communities Organized and Ready for Emergencies
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Added: 165 days ago
from: ODPMTT
CORE Episode 2 - San Fernando
CORE: Communities Organized and Ready for Emergencies. The second episode of the ODPM's CORE Series focuses on the region of San Fernando. Learn what makes this area unique and what steps you can take to protect yourself from the threats of earthquakes and tsunamis.
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Added: 165 days ago
from: ODPMTT
World Kidney Day at SFGH
Celebrating World Kindey Day / World Renal Day at San fernando General Hospital
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Added: 186 days ago
from: Phillip45
Recognising Int'l Women's Day in San Fernando
St. Joseph Convent San Fernando presenting a small art exhibit in recognition of International Women's Day.
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Added: 191 days ago
from: Debbie
Amerindian Community at World Social Justice Day
The Santa Rosa First People Community is the only organized area of Amerindian Survival in Trinidad and Tobago. They were formally recognized as representative of the Indigenous Amerindians of the twin-island state by the National Government in 1980. They were one of the...
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Added: 205 days ago
from: CCSJ
Ballroom Dancing in South Trini
Latin 101 Dance Studio was founded to bring Latin and ballroom dancing to the public regardless of income or status. We are about to celebrate our fifth anniversary and we are inviting all interested people to join us.
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Added: 206 days ago
from: Jimmy
The Black National Anthem
The Black National Anthem sang by Chris Banks at MLK celebrations in Long Beach. Be sure to check out my other videos of the day's festivities.
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Added: 238 days ago
from: MichaelD
Snow at the Opening of Santa's Workshop
On the umbrellas you can see the first real snow of the season. Perfect day to snow.
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Added: 281 days ago
from: brooklynwatch
Steel Pan and Santa Clause
Steel Pan playing at the opening of Santa's Workshop on Flatlands Ave Brooklyn. Every year this guy outdoes himself with lights and decorations and draws crowds for the entire season.
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Added: 281 days ago
from: brooklynwatch
Opening of Santa's Workshop 2
At the opening of Santa's Workshop in Brooklyn
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Added: 281 days ago
from: brooklynwatch
Opening of Santa's Workshop
Opening of Santa's Workshop, if it seems like chaos it kind of was. So many umbrellas made it hard to see anything. No wildness though don't get me wrong.
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Added: 281 days ago
from: brooklynwatch
Star Trek Fan Club Walking for the Cause
Thousands of New Yorkers came out for the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. Ida spoke to me about her group and why they came out too.
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Added: 330 days ago
from: neil
Tree Taken Down By Sandy
The water was at least a couple feet deep on this street during the storm surge so it's no surprise trees fell.
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Added: 671 days ago
from: NYC
Snake Taking Refuge
This snake probably climbed the fence to escape the flood that happened on Paerdegat Ave North during hurricane Sandy. We don't usually see snakes here.
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Added: 671 days ago
from: NYC