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Trinidad Renaissance Prep at Jr. Panorama Finals
Cindy Sawh-Fermin: Another proud mom moment yesterday, in the scorching sun and heat beating down on him and reflecting on his face from his pans which I know is hard to endure as a child, my son Christian didn't allow it to affect him and together with his school friends...
Views: 68 | from: NTV | 2016-01-31 |

Parang: El Cantaro Angelo
Parang is often all about family. After meeting Godfrey Pacheco in Lopinot, he invited us to his home in Santa Cruz and again played for us, this time in a band he calls, "El Cantaro," filled with his family, friends, and neighbors. That's his wife on the maracas and one ...
Views: 613 | from: NTV | 2015-12-18 |

People's Climate March 2015
Environmental activists gathered for ECO-VILLAGE at Nelson Mandela Park for remarks on the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) meeting in Paris, and Trinidad & Tobago's place in these worldwide efforts to reduce our environmental impacts. This was follo...
Views: 1150 | from: RobKrogh | 2015-12-12 |

Thousands at Scotia's Breast Cancer 5K
And they are off, thousands of women running/walking against cancer.
Views: 640 | from: Rosie | 2015-10-18 |

Winner of SWABC 5K
The winner of Scotiabank's Women Against Breast Cancer 5K, Port of Spain. SWABC took place on Saturday October 17th in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago.
Views: 474 | from: Phillip45 | 2015-10-17 |

First People's Heritage Exhibition
Several students visited the exhibition at the Arima velodrome
Views: 554 | from: SRFPC | 2015-10-16 |

Don't Press Send!
While three friends were scrolling down Lexi's wall on Facebook they came across an offensive status. Things escalated and certain repercussions occurred leading to an unpleasant ending. This video urges persons to ignore negative comments and avoid writing negative thing...
Views: 2780 | from: 90sNomads | 2015-10-12 |      

Hardcore 2015: Much More Difficult
Participants talk about their experience at Hard Core Caribbean 2015.
Views: 1006 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-12 |

Hardcore Caribbean Teams 2015
Jubilation at finishing.
Views: 969 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-12 |

Team H3 at Hardcore 2015 Pt. 1
Hardcore Caribbean 2015, the carnival of tough. Team H3 of H3 Fitness and Wellness Centre of Sangre Grande was there.
Views: 632 | from: DonCarrington | 2015-10-11 |

Where Elite Fitness Begins crew
They were at Hardcore Caribbean 2015.
Views: 384 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-11 |

Wood Group Monsters
Having completed the hardcore course, t'was time to relax.
Views: 298 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-11 |

Devon Power Station
It was tough but most made it.
Views: 361 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-11 |

Start of the 2015 Hardcore course.
And they are off.
Views: 364 | from: Debbie | 2015-10-11 |

A Real Hardcore Monkey Bar
Now if you can get through these monkey bars, that's Hardcore...
Views: 605 | from: davonhernandez | 2015-10-11 |

The Slip & Slide Hardcore 2015
It was a real slip & slide, the video says it best...
Views: 649 | from: davonhernandez | 2015-10-11 |

Spider Man At Hardcore 2015
A job that was only done by spider man, is now done by these amazing teams at Hardcore 2015.
Views: 407 | from: davonhernandez | 2015-10-11 |

The Great Escape
Here the teams all try to get over the 8 feet wall in order to escape to the next round.
Views: 385 | from: davonhernandez | 2015-10-11 |

Sanchez and Team Foundation on the Avenue
Sanches had a great night in the 4th Beacon cycling on the Avenue event.
Views: 272 | from: Deon | 2015-10-08 |

Sanchez Winning the 30 Lap
The winner crossing the line after 30 laps and it is none other than Sanchez of team Foundation.
Views: 628 | from: Phillip45 | 2015-10-08 |

Naparima Girls' Walkathon 2015
Cause Parade, Coffee Street, San Fernando, Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Video by Akusomcpeith Tau.
Views: 336 | from: NTV | 2015-09-26 |

Brother Resistance - Ring De Bell
Brother Resistance sang his signature tune Ring De Bell at Emancipation celebrations from T&TEC.
Views: 641 | from: Deon | 2015-07-31 |

San Fernando Carnival Committee Jr. Calypso Finals
The Annual Junior Calypso Finals was held at Sando City Hall for primary & secondary schools in South T&T. Video by Hollis Clifton.
Views: 762 | from: NTV | 2015-01-19 |      

Tornadoes Steel Orchestra
Remember when Super Blue sang Unknown Band and maybe some of you all didn't know but it was for this band right here Tornadoes Steel Orchestra then known as Dunlop Tornadoes.... They aren't so unknown now are they......... Check out piece of their performance here
Views: 716 | from: PanTrinbago | 2015-01-29 |